3 Simple Face Painting Design Tips for Kids

Are you looking for easy face painting designs for children? As you might already know, face paint thoughts may differ from complex designs with a lot of colours and innovative brush strokes, to simple straightforward styles which you may easily paint – even with zero drawing skills or expertise.

So if it’s your first time drawing a face celebration for kids, you can think about finding easy step-by-step instructions that show you the way you can easily have your favourite design turn out perfectly. The great news is, you will find three helpful tips in this guide to show you how.


1. How about Easy to Use Face Masks?

This is the simplest method of all. If you like your children to get their gorgeous face paint, you can just use a readymade face mask. Your little one can only wear it and it’ll reveal the most spotless design you could barely succeed to draw yourself.

You can discover such masks in celebration shops and distinctive costume stores. Whether you’re searching for a superhero mask or only a cute puppy or bunny, there are all these various creative designs in party costume shops.

2. Are You Using Skin-Safe Colors?

When it comes to costume parties and having fun, we also need to look closely at the safety factor – particularly when it is our kids’ health at stake. When finding the paint colours to draw your desired results in their face, you want to ensure you opt for a skin-friendly colour material.

Because some colours are just made to be used on paper and aren’t really safe or suitable to rest in your skin for hours. After all, the last thing you need to see during your children party is visiting them becoming allergic reaction or red irritated skin after. Do not you agree?

When searching for face paint brushes and colours, you can just ask the shop owner that will assist you to find a colour that’s safe to use for face paintings. It’s an easy step and yet will help safeguard the health of your children.

3. Where to Paint, Where to Prevent

When painting on the face, there are lots of places you can openly paint, and certain areas you like to avoid for safety reasons. For instance, around the eyes is a sensitive area – particularly for children.

As they may sweat during the celebration or accidentally rub their eyes when tired, and this may cause the paint colour to enter their eyes and cause significant irritation. So the easy way to prevent this is to remain a bit away from the eye area. You can either pick a design that does not need to be too near the eyes or simply live half an inch away from the eyelids.

Another face painting place to be cautious about is your lips. If your kid will drink or eat at the party, odds are, some of the paint colours will be clean off and enter their mouth. Since most paint substances are chemical and not healthy to eat, you might like to prevent that.

One simple solution would be to paint a bit away from the mouth area. The colour we use on the lips, the less probable it is that our children accidentally swallow some of it. However, if this is a face painting for an adult or adolescent, we can simply speak to them about the security matters so they’ll be careful themselves.

To lots of face painters, the notion of creating your own face painting designs may look a bit intimidating, but it is really not. In this guide, we are going to talk not just about how to produce your own designs but also how to preserve your designs for future usage. If you are face painters or need to learn face painting, then read on, and you will discover how to release your creative powers painting faces!

Get Creative!

The first thing we will need to do is to release your inner Picasso! 1 thing you will need to consider is that your audience is. Are they little children at face painting parties, or are they hulking Florida State fans? So, when you begin to think creatively, start by considering who you are going to be painting.

Personally, my experience is with kids. So, I will stick with that notion. Although everything I am telling you’ll work for six foot four soccer want to be too!

What I do when I get stuck with the same old designs is begin looking at child’s sites, especially clothing websites and toy sites. I did this recently and I was struck by the way I’d never in my life thought of painting a fire truck! Little boys love fire trucks! I painting a small version in my face in the mirror (usually what I do when I am experimenting), and got the general look and feel right.

The following weekend, I had been working for a little face painting party. I painting a big red fire truck on a cute little man’s face. Guess what? All the small boys wanted one.

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