Wall Art Ideas For A Country-Style Kitchen

A country kitchen highlights all of the warmth and character this popular gathering place offers. One only has to picture guests and family gathered around a huge homemade wooden table surrounded by warm colours and homey textures, sharing food, drink, conversation, and laughter. Wall art in a country-style kitchen may serve to amplify this comfy feel, reflecting the styles, themes, and colours already exhibited through the room. If you’re trying to design a comfortable and welcoming kitchen decoration, here are a few terrific wall art tips for a country-style kitchen to get you started.

Kitchen Arts

Traditional Country Kitchen Cabinets

When decorating the kitchen, many wish to recreate an echo of simpler times, a place to escape from the harried pace of the modern world. Often these kitchens are full of distressed woods and tiles, handmade furnishings, country antiques, and old-fashioned braided rugs.

Country art prints should reflect this nostalgic feel, giving a glimpse into times long ago. By way of instance, The Kitchen by Carl Larsson showcases an old farm kitchen scene, complete with small girls wearing pinafores and sunbonnets. Or you may go back farther in time with Martina Chardin’s Kitchen Maid, its warm earth tones depicting a young woman hard at work. Additionally, there are simpler prints such as Kay Lamb Shannon’s Victorian Kitchen that portray kitchen scenes from earlier eras.

Natural Country Designs

Another approach to the country-style kitchen is a natural state design highlighted by warm colours, an open floor plan, and a great deal of light. The focus here is on natural fibers and country-inspired wood grains, accented by handmade furnishings and pure colours. The framed artwork pictures you choose to get a natural kitchen should catch this organic comfortable appearance and reflect the warmth and brightness of the design scheme.

Think about a print like Baskets of Vegetables by Michael Davidoff, which captures the essence of a country kitchen encounter, with its natural fiber baskets overflowing with freshly harvested fruits and blossoms, mason jars filled with spices, and subtle earth tones. Or go with a still-life series like Howard Vincent’s Country Kitchen I, II, and III that showcases kitchenware, create, and fabrics rich with texture and emphasized by the interplay of darkness and light.

Back on the Farm

Many favor their country kitchen design to have a down-home country feel to it. Often, these kinds of kitchen decors center around themes like farm animals or vases. Walls are painted or wallpapered with warm, rich colors, often with a stenciled border for a creative personal touch. Textiles are added in the shape of area rugs or chair cushions to add visual interest and create a cozy feel. Based on your decorating scheme, you have many wall art choices.

If roosters are a primary focus, then select art that reflects this, such as Country Rooster by Peggy Thatch Sibley. Or go with art prints that showcase the bounty of the farm, such as Fruit Stand Pears by Jerianne Van Dijk. Additionally, there is an assortment of state signs and sayings-like Grace Pullen’s or Jo Moulton’s prints-that would fit well within this decor style. Generally speaking, start looking for warmth and simplicity on your art prints, heading with homey country accents as opposed to anything that is going to dominate the area.

Wall art can give a wonderful finishing touch to any country-style kitchen decoration. By discovering fine art prints that match your personal theme and style, you may create a welcoming appearance that you and your loved ones will long appreciate.

Photo Canvases

Photo canvas artwork on walls has proven so popular due to the quality of the picture reproduction and this, in turn, is partly due to the top quality materials used at Bags of Love. The HD Satin that’s used doesn’t have a plastic coating and after your photo is published the benefit of the soon becomes evident as the picture is reproduced.

Wall art ideas range from photographs of you and your loved ones to more modern designs and motifs. The decision is yours concerning which photograph or photographs to use and as soon as you’ve decided you may depend on Bags of Love to make certain you get the best results out of the canvas artwork.

Contemporary Wall Art Ideas

Contemporary design also has pop art prints. Of all of the wall artwork ideas, these are possibly the most colorful. Using a typical photograph, we employ several color screens to the picture to be able to create Warhol pop art prints. For Che prints, we basically eliminate the color from the main image and add a background color of your choice with Posterized prints offering something slightly different to both of them.

Canvas Wall Art From Bags Of Love

Bags of Love provides an excellent choice of unique interior artwork from canvas prints to pop art prints and lots of others. Whether you want a traditional look, a family photograph, or a modern pop art print we have the design team, the printing equipment, and the materials to make certain you enjoy the best possible outcomes.

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