How Does Making Yarn Arts and Crafts Help Your Brain?

Yarn arts and crafts are more than just a hobby; they are relaxing, healing, and therapeutic. Knitting and crocheting can help you feel better in many ways. You might not think doing such simple, honest things can help your brain. Yes, knitting and crocheting are indeed good for the brain. These health benefits range from making you feel calmer and less stressed to possibly curing depression and lowering your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. You’ll benefit whether you’re stressed out and can’t sleep or trying to improve your brain health.

Researchers say. 

Research shows that the less we use our brains, the more likely they will shrink and become less strong and flexible. The more we use it to understand hard information, be creative, make hard decisions, and learn new and interesting things, the more likely our brains will become sharp, strong, and healthy.

How do crocheting and knitting benefit your brain?

Here are some ways knitting and crocheting using celtic raven fibres or any other yarn can help with anxiety.

Hand motions

The brain has difficulty with precise, synchronized hand movements on both sides, and crossing the midline takes a lot of thought. Because of this, we have less time and energy to worry about other things. In other words, knitting takes your mind off of things.

Repetitive motion

Many of us use repetitive, rhythmic movements to calm down when we are worried or upset, like walking, rocking, tapping, plucking, pulling out hair, smoking, drinking, or eating. Many people who used to use anxiety pills now knit or crochet instead. People with PTSD who knit with noro silk garden or any other yarn say they have fewer flashbacks and other symptoms.

“Bubble” of safety

Feeling your hands in front of your body makes you feel like you’re in a safe “bubble” of space and comfort. This is especially helpful in scary or anxious situations.

Eye contact is optional.

In knitting groups, looking at someone only when you want to is normal. The same goes for conversation; it’s best to greet people when they come in and say goodbye when they leave. Knitting groups are safe places where people can talk about things other than knitting. When you decide to take part, you gain power.


Knitting and crocheting can go almost anywhere with you! Just put it in a pocket, purse, or tote, and you’ll always have a way to treat anxiety and panic attacks. Most of the time, it might help to imagine what it would be like to knit and how it would feel. Any easy, mindless project is great for places where there are a lot of distractions. A new pattern or method is the best way to distract the mind and build new brain pathways.


With companies like darn yarn forbidden fiber yarn, there are many attractive colors, and the fibers can be soft, bristly, smooth, or bumpy. They give our bodies and brains interesting feedback through sight, touch, and perception.

Hormone balance

When you exercise repeatedly, your body makes more serotonin, making you feel happier and calmer. After you learn to knit or crochet, it can lower the cortisol in your blood.


By the end of this post, you might not be as surprised to hear that knitting and crocheting are good for the brain because they keep it active and help you remember things. This is because when you crochet, knit, or purl, it’s important to remember which color comes next and how many rows your pattern calls for. Yarn crafts require your brain to be active and use its memory centers while still being fun and not hard work. Your memory is like muscles: the more you utilize it, the stronger it gets. This is good for people of all ages who like to make things.

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