Laser Dentistry: How Does It Work?

Laser technology has been the most significant advancement in contemporary medicine and dentistry, allowing physicians to put their other instruments away while giving less invasive, more comfortable treatments and better results than ever before.

Lasers all produce energy in light, but their exact purpose in dentistry varies depending on the technique. It is used as a cutting instrument in surgical and other restorative dental treatments, replacing sensitive dental equipment, or as a vaporizer of diseased or decayed tissue, leaving healthy tissue untouched. It acts as a heat source for tooth whitening, speeding up and enhancing the effects of bleaching substances.

How Does Laser Dentistry Work?

One of the best features of dental lasers is that they are suitable for people with any level of dental phobia. They don’t use sharp tools, so you won’t hear or feel the sounds and vibrations of the dental drill and the scraping on your teeth. Lasers produce a quieter, more comfortable dental experience, which can help many people overcome dental anxiety.

Laser Cleanings

While some people appreciate the feeling of being clean straight from the dentist, most people dislike cleaning. Low-level lasers target and destroy plaque and tartar buildup without the use of invasive procedures like scraping tartar off your teeth and around the gum line. Traditional cleanings can irritate the gum tissue, resulting in bleeding, swelling, and pain; laser cleanings, on the other hand, leave healthy tissue alone, allowing for more comfortable cleaning. You can visit a dental hospital like the laser dentistry in Gonzales for more information.

Laser Gum Disease Treatment

Traditional gum disease treatments include sharp instruments and invasive procedures such as scaling, root planing, gum grafting, and gum surgery. On the other hand, laser periodontal therapy gets to the root of the disease, addressing the infection at the bacterial level and reattaching the gums to a healthy environment.

So you don’t have to treat and retreat; laser gum disease treatments are more pleasant, conservative, and produce healthier results. A laser cleaning focuses mainly on the visible crown portion of the tooth and buildup along the gum line; periodontal therapy goes deeper under the gum line, removing plaque and tartar while targeting and killing the infection while leaving healthy tissue intact.

Tooth Decay and Root Canals

Lasers might help you if you have a cavity or an infected tooth. Lasers can be used to eliminate decay from inside a tooth and prepare the surrounding enamel to place a tooth-colored filling. If your tooth is infected and you need a root canal, lasers can help your dentist remove the infection safely and conservatively while saving the tooth. You can visit a dental clinic like the Foote Family root canals treatment for more details.

Biopsies and Lesions

Lesions and tissue anomalies in the mouth are significant issues, so laser technology is available, fortunately. Biopsies, which include extracting a small sample of tissue from the mouth to be checked for oral cancer, can be done with lasers.

Traditional biopsies are more intrusive and uncomfortable than laser biopsies. Lasers can also cure canker sores and eliminate lesions in the mouth.

Teeth Whitening

Your dentist will use a laser and a potent bleaching gel for teeth whitening. The treatment usually entails using a resin-based, light-curable barrier to isolate the gum line. The teeth are whitened with a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel designed specifically for dental use.

Hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient in tooth whitening products. The stains in the crevices between the enamel are oxidized and broken down by hydrogen peroxide. The pigments are diluted in this process, giving the appearance of lighter teeth.

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