Five More Technological Innovations For Runners and Walkers

It’s easy to take technological innovations for granted, especially once these inventions become common-place.

Beyond another article on the same topic, here are five technological innovations that are worth continuing to value as a walker or runner.

Innovation #1 – Compression Top

At first glance, it can be unclear why a compression shirt could be advantageous to a walker or runner. But a compression shirt is superior in a few strategies to a conventional walking or running jersey. A compression shirt can encourage improved posture and balance by targeting the trapezius muscles and scapular bones. And a compression shirt can provide you with more controlled shoulder and arm movements by encouraging the upper back.

Innovation #2 – Compression Tights

Compression tights mimic the benefits of kinesiology cassette but prevent kinesiology cassette’s drawbacks, such as variability and potential mistakes in the application, the time needed for the program, and one-use consumption price. And decent compression tights will provide you additional stability in the centre region of your body (by encouraging the lower abdominal muscles, hips, and back), will shorten muscle healing times and muscle soreness (by enhancing circulation), will reduce the chance for injury to the knee joints (by banding together muscles and ligaments around the knees) and will help uninjured muscles to remain that way.

Innovation #3 – Perspiration-Wicking Socks

Should you allow perspiration to collect and continue around your feet during a long walk or run, you’ll get blisters. Perhaps the best explanation for this comes from imagining soaking your toes in a pool for an hour or longer. Can you imagine how tender the skin on your feet would turn into? And can you imagine then placing those feet in sneakers and pounding the sidewalk or trail? You would probably get blisters. Perspiration-wicking socks work in a variety of ways to pull away moisture from the skin on your feet, so you are not as likely to develop blisters.

Innovation #4 – LED Flashlight

The light-emitting diode (LED) was a breakthrough as it was devised. And the LED flashlight is rather a technological invention when compared to a flashlight that uses the incandescent bulb. It’s cooler to the touch. It lasts longer. And it produces a whiter light, which may enable you to see better when you’re walking or running on a street, sidewalk, or course at night.

Innovation #5 – Clip-on Metronome

Unlike a traditional metronome, which utilizes a wind-up gear mechanism and a pendulum, a clip-on metronome is a little, all-digital device that lets you take it with you on a jog or walk to find a continuous, audible reminder — without safety-risking cans — about your cadence objective.

Innovation #6 – Cellphone

Although a lot of runners and walkers abuse cellphones while racing or training, there are lots of valuable reasons to take a cellphone. And the number-one reason needs to be for getting help in the event of an emergency.

Innovation #7 – GPS View

GPS wrist units, also known more simply as GPS watches, have contributed walkers and runners accurate tracking of average speed, overall speed, accumulated distance, lap splits, management, real route coated (by longitude and latitude which may be mapped to road segments covered), length, and elevation changes. And they’ve given runners and walkers the liberty to begin a run or walk led in any way and know just where to turn around to pay for the desired total distance in a workout.

Innovation #8 – Interval Timer

Micro-level pacing entails repeated, back-to-back intervals of lower and higher paces — such as jogging for five minutes in a 10:30/mile pace and walking for a minute in a 14:00/mile pace. And walkers use micro-level pacing to have quicker and slower repeating periods of walking. Those using micro-level pacing in their walks or runs swear by the healing and injury-prevention benefits. And an interval timer makes it easy to understand precisely when to accelerate or slow down. Although you can discover dual-interval interval timers in certain watches and GPS wrist units, among the greatest interval timers, takes a triple-A mobile, has a large screen, and can be trimmed to one’s hydration belt like a pager. (Remember those?!)

Innovation #9 – Technical Fabrics

Technical fabrics have made it possible for walkers and runners to exercise more comfortably in colder and warmer weather, given how these materials pull perspiration away from the skin so the sweat will evaporate quickly. In contrast, cotton may hold twenty-five times its weight in water. This means, as an instance, a cotton T-shirt can be some 2 pounds heavier at the end of a workout than at the start of a workout.

Innovation #10 – LED Blinker

An LED blinking light, also known more simply as an LED blinker, can save your life when you’re walking or running on the street or trail. An LED blinker’s battery lasts quite a while, its visibility can exceed that of many incandescent blinkers, and its variety of blinking patterns enables you to select a pattern that will draw others’ attention to you.



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