Easy Artwork DIY Ideas Artwork

There are lots of DIY, simple artwork ideas that anybody can do without spending plenty of money. A little creativity and elbow grease can go a long way and make a major impact when creating art for your residence.

Framed Fabric Art

Framing cloth is such a simple artwork idea that everyone can do without spending plenty of money. If you have already got a cloth and picture frames lying about, then this is a totally free way to add art and change your walls up. Simply adhere your cloth with spray glue or fabric glue to a piece of card stock or cardboard and insert into the framework. Purchasing fabric for this project should not cost much because you do not require a lot. For those who have an old framework that does not quite match the fabric, you want to use, a couple of coats of spray paint will change it for only a couple of dollars. Thrift stores are also great places to find cheap frames. Create a group of coordinating fabrics, use a matte, or allow 1 frame stand by itself. Use your imagination to come up with your own unique and inexpensive DIY artwork piece.

Books and Calendars

Publications and calendars are such a wonderful place to find cheap DIY artwork. If you’re not opposed to ripping pages from a book, you will discover some remarkable treasures to decorate your walls. Just carefully tear out and cut to size. Pop it in a frame and there you go. The same holds for calendars. Use books and previous calendars you currently have or store the clearance section of any publication. This also works great for kids rooms. Just frame pages of a popular children’s book. Consider using something which looks classic or a nursery rhyme themed book to bring some charm. If there’s a specific artist or piece of art you simply adore, but can’t afford, look for a publication with those artist’s pictures and frame those instead. You will save money and still have amazing artwork to enjoy.

Use Paint

There’s absolutely not any need to hang anything on your walls if you go bold with your own paint. DIY art doesn’t get much simpler than this. Create a pattern of painted squares onto your wall, or allow a single square stand by itself. Use painters tape and a level to reach an even square pattern. It is possible to get quite creative with different colours, sizes and arrangements. If you want various colours, but do not want to fork out the cash for that many cans of paint, then consider using a sample size rather. They are typically only two to five dollars per sample and include more than enough paint for this project. The majority of them come at a flat end, but if you would like something a little shinier, gently rub some wipe-on poly (available at any home improvement store) over every square before removing your own tape.

Pressed Botanicals

Just have a walk outside and you will discover everything you will need to make your own pressed botanical art. This project could not be simpler. Look for greenery, leaves, and flowers that will lay flat. Hold up the greenery into your frame and trim to size if needed. Then put it between two pages of a publication (preferable one that you do not care too much about as the pages may warp or wrinkle slightly). You can play with the form of the botanical by curving it to the left or right before closing the book. Stack a lot of heavy books on top and allow it to sit for an entire week. Gently remove and fasten to your desktop paper with a little rubber cement. Only use enough to keep it from slipping in the framework. That’s all there’s to it. Pressed botanicals look great and supply more effect when hung together in a group. So get outside and collect all the FREE DIY art you desire. To save money on eyeglasses, switch out images from frames you currently have or use spray paint to provide thrift shop frames with a brand new look.

Foam Core Art

Rather than using a photo frame for your photos or art, try mounting them on foam core for a simple, contemporary look. When you haven’t yet discovered the beauty of foam centre, you’re in for a fantastic discovery. It’s a really cheap alternative to traditional picture frames and can save you a great deal of money on huge pictures you might want to hang. Simply lay your image on the foam core board and follow a line around it. Cut the foam core on the lines using an x-acto knife. Apply spray adhesive directly to the foam core and press your image in place. Use plastic or metallic foam board picture hangers to put on the wall. You may find large sheets of foam core at any craft store for only a couple of dollars. So get out those old photos you have been meaning to frame and try this DIY art project the foam core manner.


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