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Average Times - S/T LP $12


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Average Times are a new band from Ottawa, Ontario (our favourite place to find bands, if you've been paying attention), and they're here to say that Ottawa's explosion is far from over. Marked Men meets The Oblivians meets Dead Boys meets Primitive Hearts.

1. Popsicle
2. Leave Me Alone
4. Snakes
5. She Knows
6. Do The Dance
7. Glitch
8. Summer Nights
9. Look Loose
10. On My Own
11. I Hate Tomato Juice and I Hate You
12. Kraken
13. 10 Million Leagues

"boy-girl vocal delivery that occasionally reminds of Myelin Sheaths, their eponymous LP piles on choppy garage riffage with occasional moments of Buzzcock-ian sass, resulting in a veritable singalong machine." - AUX 

"The first band in a while to provide the audio equivalent of a devious and mischievous 12-yr-old with a slingshot" - Weird Canada

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Hosehead classic 45 label available for the first time as a shirt. Comes on black Gildian shirts. Small and medium sizes sold out (more coming soon).

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Ketamines - So Hot! 7"

The third instalment in Ketamines' four-part 7" series. Weirdo psyche pop canadiana. Buy all four to unlock the full artwork.

Red vinyl /110
Black vinyl /440

1. So Hot! 
2. New Skull Tattoo
3. Summer Mothers

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Steve Adamyk Band - Monterrey 7"

Steve Adamyk Band's new four-song 7". Possibly their best material to date. Follow up to their two LPs on Dirtnap Records. 

500 risograph sleeves
50 stenciled sleeves (record release version)

1. Monterrey
2. You're Fired
3. For You (Hold On)
4. Front To Back

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Cassettes - $5 

Pink Wine - Untitled

Pink Wine's debut release. These Toronto snotty punks also impressed Germany's P Trash records enough to have the LP done up as well. From the mind of Weird Canada:

"You can only beat on the brat for so long before he starts to beat back. On Pink Wine’s debut platter these rough-and-tumble charmers slick back their quiffs and hit the street with baseball bats swingin’. Joel French’s bubblegum vox would make Nobunny proud, and the tunes are a timeless blast of soda shop bop. Oh yeah!"

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Big City Nights Band - Yawns Beyond

One of Toronto's busiest bands. They have more albums than your band does songs, and they're good too!

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Mother's Children - That's Who!

One of Ottawa's reinging power pop bands. They aren't afraid to focus on the POWER part, either. 11 songs. 

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Bold = Added February 2014

Abolitionist - At The Level Of The Ear (1859 Records)
The Ballantynes - Faith (La-Ti-Da) (white vinyl)
Barrakuda McMurder - Slow Crawl (House Party Records) (Green vinyl)
Cold Warps - Don't Haunt Me, Okay? (Noyes Records)
The Copyrights - Crutches (It's Alive Records)
Credentials/Dead Uncles - Split 7" (86'd Records)
Crow Bait - Three Tickle Guys - white vinyl -  (Lost Cat Records)
Crusades - Parables (It's Alive Records)
Daniel James Gang - Nothin' I Can Do (Lost Cat Records)
Fear of Lipstick/The Creeps - Split (Fucking Scam/Scared To Death Records)
Fear of Lipstick - I Don't Wanna Be Around (Fucking Scam Records)
Feel Alright - Oahu Ohio (Mammoth Cave Recording Co)
First Base - I Saw Her First (Ric Rac Records)
Fist City - Buried (La Ti Da Records)
Friends of Cesar Romero - Red Headed Strangler (Snappy Little Numbers) (Grey vinyl)
Gold - Losing Your Hair EP (Mammoth Cave Recording Co)
The Haverchucks - Demo 7"(Can't Slow Down Records) GERMANY
The Jay Vons - Night (La-Ti-Da)
The Jolietts - Girls Like Me/Quicksand (Going Gaga Records)
Ketamines - 11:11 EP (Leaning Trees Records)
Ketamines - A Rotten Bond (Odd Box Records) (British Import)
Ketamines - All The Colours Of Your Heart (Pleasance Records)
Maniac - Dim Sum (La-Ti-Da)
Mighty Atom/New Flesh - Split (Self Released)
Mighty Atom/Total Trash - Split (Buzz Records) (Grey vinyl)
Mean Jeans/Underground Railroad to Candyland - Split (It's Alive Records)
Mother's Children - Dance To The Rock 'N' Roll Band (Going Gaga Records) (pink vinyl)
Needles//Pins - Outta This Place (La-Ti-Da Records)
Nervous Talk - Introductions (Mammoth Cave Recording Co)
Pointed Sticks - What Do You Want Me To Do? (Ugly Pop Records)
Psyched To Die - Scatter Brained (Dirtnap Records)
Rations - How Much Land Does A Man Need? (10 labels)
The React! - Sounds That I've Heard (La Ti Da Records)
Sloane Peterson - Knots (Steve's Pizza and Records)
Slow Learners - Habit (Perfect Master Records)
Steve Adamyk Band - High Above (La-Ti-Da Records)
Strange Attractor - Just Looking (FDH Records)
Suspect Parts - Change Your Mind (House Party Records)
Tongan Death Grip - Maneater (House Party Records)
Tranzmitors - You Get Around (Dirtnap Records)
The Wild Ones - Day Drunk (La-Ti-Da Records)
The Visitors - Tropic of Cancer (House Party Records)