Thursday, 18 December 2014

Our Favourite Records of 2014


Top 11 (In no particular order - excluding bias of Hosehead releases which are all top 11s)

- Wipers - Nome Noma 7” (Meanbean) (Reissue)
- Barreracudas – Promises, Promises 7” (Oops Baby)
- Sam Coffey & Iron Lungs – Gates of Hell LP (Southpaw)
- Teledrome – Self Titled LP (Mammoth Cave)
- Sugar Stems – Only Come Out At Night (Dirtnap)
- Needles//Pins – Shamebirds LP (Dirt Cult)
- Zex – Savage City 7” (Electric Assault)
- New Swears – Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever LP (Bachelor)
- Shivvers – Self Titled LP (Sing Sing) (Reissue – kind of)
- Mother’s Children – Lemon LP (Taken by Surprise/Mammoth Cave)
- The Number Ones - The Number Ones (Deranged)

Honourable mentions:
- Steve Adamyk Band – Dialtone LP (Dirtnap)
- X – Aspirations LP (Ugly Pop)
- Real Kids – Shake…Outta Control LP (Ugly Pop)


- Alvvays – Alvvays (Royal Mountain)
- Needles//Pins – Shamebirds (Dirt Cult)
- Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs – Gates Of Hell (Southpaw)
- Sonic Avenues – Mistakes (Dirtnap)
- Steve Adamyk Band – Dialtone (Dirtnap)
- The Flintettes – Open Your Eyes 7″ (La-Ti-Da)
- The Mandates – Suspicion 7″ (Teenage Rampage)
- The Number Ones - The Number Ones (Deranged)
- The Shivvers – The Shivvers (Sing Sing)
- The Wipers – Nome Noma 7″ (Meanbean)
- Thor’s Hammer – If You Knew: Icelandic Punk & Beat ’65-67! (Ugly Pop)


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