Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Hosers' Top Picks Of 2012 List

Patrick's List:


1. Cold Warps – Don't Haunt Me, Okay? (Noyes Records)
2. Tranzmitors – Concrete Depression (La-Ti-Da Records)
3. Friends of Cesar Romero – Red Headed Strangler (Snappy Little Numbers)
4. Nervosas – Rev (Meth Mouth Records)
5. Pink Wine – Demo (Self Released)


1. Sonic Avenues - Television Youth (Dirtnap Records)*
2. Gentleman Jesse – Leaving Atlanta (Douchemaster Records)
3. Toys That Kill – Fambly 42 (Recess Records)
4. Outtacontroller – Don’t Play Dumb (P. Trash Records)
5. John K. Samson – Provincial (ANTI- Records)
6. Uranium Comeback – S/T (P. Trash Records)
7. Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs – Shin No Skin (Slop Bop Records)
8. Legendary Wings – Making Paper Roses (Dirtnap Records)
9. Fear of Lipstick – Seasons (P. Trash Records)
10. Nude Beach – II (Nude Beach Records/Fat Possum Records)

Mike's List: 

No Particular Order

White Wires - WWIII (Dirtnap Records)
Needles//Pins - 12:34 (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.)*
Barbaras - 2006-2008 (Goner Records)
Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs - Shin No Skin (Slop Bop Records)
Devo - Live 1981 (Booji Boy Records)
Nobuny - Maximum Rock N Roll 7" (Goner Records)
Jaill - Traps (Sub-Pop Records)
Sonic Avenues - Television Youth (Dirtnap Records)*
Cold Warps - Slimer 7" (Fun Dog Records)
Mean Jeans - On Mars (Dirtnap Records)
King Tuff - Screaming Skull (Sub-Pop Records)

* = we released this at some point in 2012 on cassette, but it was originally released by a better label than us so it counts. We're not that self righteous, I promise. 

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