Friday, 1 June 2012

Sam Coffey interview with Fuss Magazine

Our good friend Sam recent sat down with Mark Gillis from the new Kitchener/Waterloo-based news outlet Fuss Magazine for an interview. He said some really nice things about us and talked about the new Iron Lungs 7" coming out on Hosehead later this month. Continue reading or click here to read the interview.

Online feature: Sam Coffey and The Iron Lungs
Interview by Mark Gillis

UPCOMING SHOW: Wednesday June 13 at The Mongolian Grill, Waterloo

Sam Coffey And The Iron Lungs are: 

Sam Coffey (Vocals, guitar)
Dylan Bravener (Bass, vocals)
Tyler Stoddart (Drums, vocals)
Andy Clark (Guitar, vocals)

The internet has done copious amounts of good for music in the past ten years. It’s made seeking out new music infinitely easier than it was in the past. As a music fan I’ve always known that the internet could be used to seek out like-minded people to talk about music with, but I never considered using the internet to actually seek out like-minded people to play music with, which is exactly how Sam Coffey And The Iron Lungs got their start.

“I met my band on the internet, how lame is that? Tyler and Dylan needed an opening act for their other band and I said I would do it. After I played they asked me to start a band. I had never been to a show before, I didn’t even know that they happened. It was like making the cut to the swim team,” Coffey said in an email interview.

It’s kind of funny that a seemingly random encounter like that could give birth to a band, but something obviously clicked because these four guys started making some really fun, raw and catchy as hell country punk tunes. At first country and punk sounds like a bit of an odd combination but it definitely makes the band stand out in a massive sea of music.

“Tyler thought of that sound first. I like saying we sound like the Shangri-Las if they were boys and rode horses. But it’s just simple rock n’ roll, anybody can play it. “Garage” gets thrown around sometimes, but that term bugs me now for dumb, hip reasons,” Coffey said.

Up next for the band is the release of a new 7” record titled All To Myself. The record will be released on Hosehead Records, a small label from Toronto. I’m not sure about anybody else, but I know I’ll certainly trust any record label who uses Bob & Doug Mackenzie as their main logo.

“It’s three of our jangliest pop songs and I couldn’t be happier that they are all on the same record and being put out by the guys at Hosehead. They are seriously the best guys and are doing something that Canada (more specifically, Ontario) needs very badly; a cool record label. A lot of people I know talk about doing this a lot, but they actually did it,” Coffey said.

To coincide with the release of their new 7”, the band has release show upcoming in Waterloo as well as dates scheduled for the NXNE festival in Toronto and the Ottawa Explosion festival. If you’re lucky enough to get to see these guys play live, don’t expect to be casually standing there while you bob your head along to the music. These guys have become known for their high energy live show where “fun” is definitely the operative word.

“Our shows have been pretty crazy and we really like it that way. Andy cut his arm one time on a light fixture while crowdsurfing and bled all over a lot of people. I seem to get knocked in the teeth by the microphone a lot, my front teeth are all chipped now. We just want people to have a really awesome time and come back to see us again,” he said.

Even though they have gained a stellar following in KW, being a band from around here is challenging. Limited places to play along with a limited audience prompted a move to Toronto for Sam.

“There are many challenges and that’s exactly why I moved to Toronto. Not a lot of good shows go on in KW, and if they do, the exact same band usually comes to Toronto too. It was getting stale having the same 40 people show up at your show and nobody new coming out. We love playing here, but when you play here as often as we used to, you start growing sick of it. People don’t give a shit where you’re from now they just wanna see a good set,” he said.

It is kind of a drag that music Kitchener-Waterloo gets overshadowed by the music mecca that is Toronto since it’s only an hour down the road. That being said, it’s great that bands from around here have the opportunity to infiltrate the music scene in Toronto. With tons of places to play and tons of people living there, Toronto offers many chances that Kitchener-Waterloo doesn’t for smaller bands.

There is a new full length album on the way from Sam Coffey And The Iron Lungs, but don’t hold your breath. They have a collection of songs written and ready to record, but they plan on taking their sweet time with them.

“We already tried recording them on a tape machine but I don’t think we’re gonna use them, it's so much easier to just record onto my computer and I can take my time getting the sounds I want. We’re gonna make something to be very proud of and it’s gonna be a step forward.”

You can purchase the All To Myself 7” at Hosehead Records’ website ( or at any of Sam Coffey And The Iron Lungs’ live shows.

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