Thursday, 24 May 2012

Review Roundup #2

12 months after I submitted HHR001: First Base - Party, Party, Party EP for review to the great Razorcake, and 11 months after the release sold out, they published a review. Better late than never! Thanks to Maddy and Razorcake for taking time to listen to the tape, and remind me that I really do want to put out this EP as a 7".

Party, Party, Party: Cassette
America, it is time to admit defeat! We have been bested by a CASSETTE TAPE released in Canada! Three lo-fi bubblegum pop songs on a yellow piece of plastic that has been overheating in my car stereo for days! ‘60s pop = punk rock! One gripe: when a release is this good, I want it on a record, not a shitty tape! Fortunately, First Base has at least one seven-inch I’m aware of, and it includes a cover of a tune by (the ridiculous and amazing) Personal And The Pizzas! More, please! –Maddy (Hosehead,

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