Thursday, 24 May 2012

Review Roundup #2

12 months after I submitted HHR001: First Base - Party, Party, Party EP for review to the great Razorcake, and 11 months after the release sold out, they published a review. Better late than never! Thanks to Maddy and Razorcake for taking time to listen to the tape, and remind me that I really do want to put out this EP as a 7".

Party, Party, Party: Cassette
America, it is time to admit defeat! We have been bested by a CASSETTE TAPE released in Canada! Three lo-fi bubblegum pop songs on a yellow piece of plastic that has been overheating in my car stereo for days! ‘60s pop = punk rock! One gripe: when a release is this good, I want it on a record, not a shitty tape! Fortunately, First Base has at least one seven-inch I’m aware of, and it includes a cover of a tune by (the ridiculous and amazing) Personal And The Pizzas! More, please! –Maddy (Hosehead,

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

HHR018: Ketamines - Spaced Out

That's right folks, our surprise tour release is none other than Ketamines' debut LP Spaced Out. Originally released by Mammoth Cave and South Paw, we're doing 100 copies of the album in celebration of 10 weeks of touring in 2012. Ketamines are taking most of the copies on tour with them, but I'm going to hold onto a couple and add them to our webstore on May 29th, 2012 for those who aren't inline with the tour dates.

In other news, is giving away a free copy of the tape to someone who stops by the story and leaves a comment with the title of their favourite track. I say free as in free for you. I still have to pay shipping.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Get Bent Review: Strange Attractor

Read Get Bent's full review of Strange Attractor's Euro Tour sampler here.

"Strange Attractor is the basement recording project of Jeff Houle of Statues and the Havocs, but this isn’t some boring indie bedroom pop wimpiness. Strange Attractor is a chaotic mutant breed of 60s garage and early snotty punk, kind of like the Troggs being covered by Japanther. The brand new Euro Tour Tape out on Hosehead Records contains some of the best sweaty, raw rock ‘n’ roll jams from the riotous Canadian scene I’ve heard all year."

HHR018 will be out on May 28th, 2012

HHR018 sort of fell into my lap last week. A band that I like a whole lot and have wanted to work with for a while now just happened to ask us to put out their new tape for their upcoming 10-week tour. I'm not going to say who it is just yet, as that announcement is in the works for next week, but here's a few hints.

They're Canadian (go figure).
They have real close ties to one of Canada's best record labels.
Their debut LP has just about sold out of the 1000-run first pressing.