Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Sonic Avenues/Steve Adamyk Band European Tour 2012 Dates

In an effort to make this blog a little more useful, I'm going to be posting updates on our bands. Lets start this out with tour dates for the upcoming Sonic Avenues/Steve Adamyk Band European tour. The dates are pretty bare bones at this point as far as local openers are concerned, so if you need more information on a specific show I'd suggest asking the bands themselves. 

Sonic Avenues have the only remaining copies of their Television Youth tape with them for sale during the tour, so make sure to pick one up. 

04/13 @ Cortina Bob, Berlin, DE
04/14 @ Zoro, Leipzig, DE
04/15 @ ACU, Utrecht, NL
04/16 @ La Triperie, Lyon, FR
04/17 @ La Derniere Chance, Toulouse, FR
04/19 @ Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid, ESP
04/21 @ Four Seasons Club, Castellon, ESP
04/22 @ El Loco Club, Valencia, ESP
04/24 @ Taun, Fidenza, IT
04/25 @ Titty Twister, Villadossola, IT
04/26 @ Kafe Kult, Munich, DE
04/27 @ Alte Hackerei, Karsruhe, DE
04/28 @ Epplehaus, Tubingen, DE
04/29 @ Gleiss 22, Munster, DE
04/30 @ Queensday Festival, Venlo, NL
04/30 @ La Miroiterie, Paris, FR

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