Sunday, 1 April 2012

New Tapes: Mother's Children and Strange Attractor

HHR015: Strange Attractor - European Tour 2012 Sampler tape
This is Jeff from Statues' solo project (featuring the other two guys from Statues on drums and guitar and one member of Ultra Violence Ray). It's a lot dirtier and more garage than Statues. Sampler featuring choice cuts from all the Strange Attractor records as well as a bunch of demos/unreleased/alt mixes and all that funs tuff. 20 songs in total, with a download code.

Strange Attractor - Nite Stalker

HHR016: Mother's Children - That's Who! tape
Reissue of their debut full length on Deranged Records. 11 songs of power pop perfection from these Ottawa, Ontario's locals. This one is also to go along with their upcoming European tour, so we don't have a lot of copies for sale as they're taking most of them.

Mother's Children - What'll Happen To All The Girls?

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