Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hey look, we're selling shirts

A few months ago I posted about how we were getting some new t-shirts in with the McKenzie Brothers design (the dino's were snubbed, but hopefully I'll get a chance to screen some of those this summer), and, well, they're here. My friend Josh (of the Vegan Boy variety) screened them on thrifted shirts in his garage in Colorado, so they're punk as fuck. We're selling them for $8, and it would be pretty cool if you picked one up. We have a limited amount of each size and a ton of others (seriously, we have a lot of small and 2XLs. So lose or gain some weight), so check out what we have in stock and what colours you like.

Buy them here

We've also got TWO new tapes out next week: Strange Attractor - Euro Tour Sampler (20 songs, a bunch of unreleased/remixes/all that fun stuff) and Mother's Children - That's Who! (11 songs). 

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