Wednesday, 7 December 2011

HHR009 & HHR010 - On Sale Now

Hey everyone,

Our two newest releases are now on sale in the webstore! HHR009 is The Midwest Beat - S/T Mono Recordings (previously unreleased) and HHR010 is The Decay/Wayfarer - Split.

10 releases, how fucking cool is that? We've been at this since June of 2011, and hopefully we'll be doing it for a long time to come. Mike and I went and saw Sam Coffey And The Iron Lungs in Guelph a couple weeks ago, and actually being sort of reluctant of pumping more money into the label, half way through their set it was obvious that we had to put out one of their 7"s. We have our next three releases set (Sam Coffey/Shakey Aches split, White Wires - WWII and Sonic Avenues - Television Youth), and if those all sell as well as we hope they do, we'll have the funds to put out a 7" in 2012. Let's make that happen.

So yeah, head over to the store and pick up the news tapes. I'll be at a couple local shows in the next two weeks peddling my wares, including the first show Hosehead is putting on.

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