Sunday, 6 November 2011

Inventory Update

Hey everyone, I noticed a couple discrepancies with out webstore inventory so I went in and fixed it to the right numbers. This means that some things are closer to being out of print then I had thought. Take a look:

Banner Pilot - Pass The Poison (1 tape)
Red Dons - Fake Meets Failure (56 tapes)
Mark It Zero - Six Degrees (7 tapes)
Young Governor - Three 7"s (32 tapes)
Beat Noir/Ascetic Parade - split 7" (73 7"s)
Haverchucks - Haverchucks (20 tapes)
Sonic Avenues - Sonic Avenues (6 tapes)

If you want to grab any of these, head on over to the webstore. 
Also, our tentative release schedule looks like this:

HHR009 The Midwest Beat - The Midwest Beat (unreleased mono recordings)
HHR010 Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs/Shaky Aches - Split
HHR011 White Wires - WWII
HHR012 The Decay/Wayfarer - Decayfarer (Toronto show exclusive, available on December 16th)
HHR013 Sonic Avenues - Television Youth (Toronto tape release show in early February 2012, remaining copies will be sold online)

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