Saturday, 10 January 2015

Fashionism & First Base 7"s On Sale

Sleeves are finished, records have been pressed and shipped, and every minute detail has been double checked and approved. It's finally time to release these two 7"s! Both will be for sale in the Hosehead store on January 20th, and will ship immediately. No preorders, no hassel. 

Fashionism - Smash The State (With Your Face) 7"
Three songs of power pop perfection. Featuring members of Tranzmitors, New Town Animals, and The Jolts, you probably already know what to expect from this one, and you're probably right. 

500 pressed, 75 with alternate sleeve. 

The most recent in a long line of 7"s for this understated Toronto power pop band. This one follows up their essential LP from 2013 on Hozac Records. Four songs of Beach Boys-y, Protex-y, Rudi worship. 

300 pressed. 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Our Favourite Records of 2014


Top 11 (In no particular order - excluding bias of Hosehead releases which are all top 11s)

- Wipers - Nome Noma 7” (Meanbean) (Reissue)
- Barreracudas – Promises, Promises 7” (Oops Baby)
- Sam Coffey & Iron Lungs – Gates of Hell LP (Southpaw)
- Teledrome – Self Titled LP (Mammoth Cave)
- Sugar Stems – Only Come Out At Night (Dirtnap)
- Needles//Pins – Shamebirds LP (Dirt Cult)
- Zex – Savage City 7” (Electric Assault)
- New Swears – Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever LP (Bachelor)
- Shivvers – Self Titled LP (Sing Sing) (Reissue – kind of)
- Mother’s Children – Lemon LP (Taken by Surprise/Mammoth Cave)
- The Number Ones - The Number Ones (Deranged)

Honourable mentions:
- Steve Adamyk Band – Dialtone LP (Dirtnap)
- X – Aspirations LP (Ugly Pop)
- Real Kids – Shake…Outta Control LP (Ugly Pop)


- Alvvays – Alvvays (Royal Mountain)
- Needles//Pins – Shamebirds (Dirt Cult)
- Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs – Gates Of Hell (Southpaw)
- Sonic Avenues – Mistakes (Dirtnap)
- Steve Adamyk Band – Dialtone (Dirtnap)
- The Flintettes – Open Your Eyes 7″ (La-Ti-Da)
- The Mandates – Suspicion 7″ (Teenage Rampage)
- The Number Ones - The Number Ones (Deranged)
- The Shivvers – The Shivvers (Sing Sing)
- The Wipers – Nome Noma 7″ (Meanbean)
- Thor’s Hammer – If You Knew: Icelandic Punk & Beat ’65-67! (Ugly Pop)

Saturday, 13 December 2014

2015 Releases

I just realized it's been almost 6 months since our last 7" came out, so we should probably release something new. How about 4 things?

First Base - You've Got A Hold On Me 7"

HHR001 was our First Base tape, so we're happy to finally put out a follow up from them. This band famously features Mike from the legendary Hosehead Records. Since then they've released an LP on the not as legendary Chicago label Hozac Records, which was an international superhit. 4 songs, out early 2015.

Listen here

Fashionism - Smash The State (With Your Face) 7"

Debut 7" from this new Vancouver band featuring Jeffrey McCloy of Tranzmitors. They're new, but they've already cut their teeth playing shows with The Briefs and OBN IIIs, among others. 3 songs of power pop perfection, out early 2015.

Listen here

Nervous Talk - Nervous Talk LP

Debut LP from these Vancouver punks. Follow up to their 7" on Mammoth Cave in 2013. Featuring members of Moby Dicks, The Ballantynes, Shitty Neighbours, and more. 10 tracks, out Spring 2015.

Listen here

The Moderns - Year Of Today 7" (Reissue)

First ever release under the Hosehead Reissues moniker, and it's a doozy. Originally self released by The Moderns in 1979, this four-song 7" is one of the most important power pop records ever recorded. We're beyond excited to give it a North American press for the first time in the 35 years since it originally came out. Out mid 2015.

Do your homework, listen here.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

October 2014 - four records in the works

Haven't posted anything for a while, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy here. We've got two records in the plant, one ready to be submitted and one in the mixing stage right now. It's going to make for a busy 2015. HHR027 and 028 should be out before the end of 2014.

HHR027: First Base - You've Got A Hold On Me 45

HHR028: Unannounced Vancouver band's debut 45 (still waiting for artwork on this one)

HHR029: Bonkers unannounced 1979 reissue 45

HHR030: Nervous Talk - Debut LP
This band released a 7" on Mammoth Cave in 2013 and it was my favourite 7" of the year. 

Friday, 22 August 2014

Average Times "Popsicle" Music Video

Our friends at are streaming the new Average Times music video for the opening track of their debut LP "Popsicle". Check that out here, or for the lazy:
We’ve long had a crush on Ottawa’s garage punk scene thanks, largely, to torchbearers like Steve Adamyk, mainstays like Mother’s Children, and expats like Mass and Peach Kelli Pop. For the heaps of bands from the city, though, few balance sugar-shocked pop and buzzsaw punk quite like Average Times, who cut their self-titled debut last year via Toronto-Vancouver imprint Hosehead Records. That LP essentially had us at hello, largely thanks to its effervescent opener, “Popsicle,” whose video we’re stoked to premiere today. Unlike many of Average Times’ songs—whose scuzz compare favourably to Jay Reatard—”Popsicle” is an unabashed summer anthem. So, too, is its video: Directed by and starring the band themselves, the video is a beer-soaked backyard bash, with plenty of frozen treats to go around. Check the video above, and get your sticky fingers on a copy of Average Times’ LP at the Hosehead Records store.